Police officers from Bridgewater, New Jersey recently released reports about arrests they made in the middle of April. They picked up three people for shoplifting, while another three got arrested due to allegations that they were driving under the influence.

One of the DUI arrests happened on April 12. While many of these arrests happen at night, this one took place at 10:56 a.m. A 57-year-old woman got pulled over for “motor vehicle violations” while heading down Route 22. She was charged for leaving her lane, for refusing to take a breath test and for driving while intoxicated.

The second arrest happened on April 13, and it was very early in the morning, at about 4:13 a.m. After witnessing motor vehicle violations, police pulled over a 33-year-old man. He ended up with charges for reckless driving, tinted windows, obstructing safe passage, driving under the influence and having the wrong address on his driver’s license.

The third arrest also occurred on April 13. More in keeping with general trends, it took place at 11:04 p.m. The 35-year-old man was also driving down Route 22, and he also committed motor vehicle violations that led to the initial stop. Like the woman above, he also refused a breath test. He got charged not just with a DWI but also with having an open container in the car. On top of that, he got charges for failing to stay in his lane, for driving recklessly and for having an unclear license plate.

All those who get arrested for DUIs and related charges deserve to know exactly what legal defense options they have in New Jersey.