Representing Landlords And Tenants When Legal Issues Arise

When tenants rent commercial space or landlords lease property to tenants, they need to protect their investment and ensure their rights and obligations are defined in clear, enforceable lease agreements.

For more than 30 years, the real estate lawyers at D’Alessandro & D’Alessandro, LLC, have represented landlords and tenants in northern and central New Jersey, including Basking Ridge, Bernards Township and Bedminster. Landlords and commercial tenants appreciate the insight we have gained through our extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate matters. We use our knowledge and skills to guide clients through the leasing process and help them resolve landlord-tenant disputes.

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Leases And Issues Between Landlords And Tenants

Both parties have an investment and rights to protect as they rent or lease residential or commercial real estate. In most cases, the lease agreement between the landlord and tenant is negotiated fairly easily. Our real property lawyers have the experience that is needed to guide landlords and tenants through the leasing process efficiently and effectively. We handle all issues related to property rental in New Jersey, including:

  • Commercial and residential lease negotiation
  • Preparation, drafting and review of lease agreements
  • Lease disputes and litigation
  • Breach of lease issues, such as failure to pay rent or return security deposit
  • Eviction proceedings for residential and commercial landlords
  • Defense of evictions for commercial tenants

A large part of our real estate practice is dedicated to helping landlords and tenants who are involved in disputes over their lease agreements. We represent commercial and residential landlords as they deal with unpaid rent, property damage, eviction actions, and other breach of lease issues with tenants. Our firm also defends commercial tenants in eviction actions and other disputes with their landlords. Our significant litigation experience helps us to resolve all types of landlord-tenant issues quickly and completely.

Learn How We Can Assist You

If your company needs to negotiate a legally sound lease agreement to protect your investment, or if you need to collect unpaid rent from a tenant or start eviction proceedings, our law firm can help. Contact us in Bernards Township to set up a consultation.