Skilled Guidance For Zoning And Land Use Legal Issues

Any party seeking to modify a building or develop land quickly learns that owning real estate is just the first step in acquiring the right to make needed and wanted adjustments.

At the Bernards Township, New Jersey, law firm of D’Alessandro & D’Alessandro, LLC, we have helped hundreds of residential and commercial property owners and developers fully accomplish their zoning and land use goals. Our attorneys can provide knowledgeable, diligent representation before local planning boards, zoning boards of adjustments, and other municipal boards regarding any land-use issue.

Do you have questions regarding zoning, land use and your rights or the rights of your business? Call the real estate lawyers at D’Alessandro & D’Alessandro, LLC, at 908-766-5400.

Representation In A Wide Array Of Legal Issues

Our firm has practiced real estate law in central and northern New Jersey for almost 85 years, and we:

  • Are knowledgeable regarding local land use and zoning laws and ordinances
  • Are familiar with local zoning authorities
  • Regularly present land-use proposals and variance requests to area municipal Planning Boards and Boards of Adjustment

Contact our firm if you face legal challenges or have questions regarding:

  • Adding an addition to your house
  • Property and building variances
  • Setbacks and easements
  • Commercial site plan approvals
  • Installing a residential swimming pool
  • Landscaping issues, including patios, privacy fences and decks
  • Setbacks, impervious coverage issues and floor-area ratios
  • Building height restrictions
  • Signage restrictions for your business

Are you developing a subdivision? Do you wish to add a fence or an addition near or in your side, front or back yard and face set-back issues or height restrictions? Does a new retail or manufacturing tenant mean you need site plan approval? Contact our downtown Basking Ridge office for more information and experienced help.

Contact Us For Information Regarding Zoning Laws

If you have land use or zoning law legal needs in northern or central New Jersey, contact our firm online or by calling 908-766-5400. We represent clients throughout Basking Ridge, Bernards Township and Bedminster and the surrounding areas.