The Skill And Knowledge To Assist With Sensitive Family Law Issues

Family law issues engender more emotional trauma than any other legal specialty. In most cases, more than just money is at stake. Dissolution of a family creates personal stress to all family members as well as financial stress, as no family which is now separated (or about to be separated) can function in as financially solvent in a manner as when the entire family was living together.

It is important that matrimonial issues be resolved promptly and expeditiously so as not to deplete the assets of the parties in needless legal endeavors that only prolong the emotional trauma of the parties and cause their legal costs to escalate. A client is entitled to know at the outset the reasonable expectations that the litigation process can secure. This requires a lawyer with the skill and the knowledge of how the matrimonial judges rule on similar issues.

The Advantage We Provide

Much of this knowledge can only be ascertained by experience as the law leaves the resolution of many issues to the judgment of the trial judges. The law that the judges apply is available to all attorneys to review but how a particular judge may apply that law on certain discretionary issues such as the nature and extent of equitable distribution, alimony, parenting time, etc., is only ascertainable by having an experienced attorney who has practiced before these judges.

At D’Alessandro & D’Alessandro, LLC, our senior practitioner is Arthur G. D’Alessandro, who has many years of experience as a matrimonial attorney. He has acted as a member of the Somerset County Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel for many years. He has been a municipal court judge for over 25 years. He is familiar with most of the family law practitioners and the family law judges.

His knowledge of the law and the personalities involved, in short, his experience, enables him to secure for our clients the best possible representation with the least amount of wasted legal resources. Wasted legal resources such as advising clients to make unrealistic demands or refusing to accept reasonable proposals, cause legal fees to increase without any corresponding practical benefit to the client. Some wasted legal resource is unavoidable such as time wasted while waiting in court or having to deal with an adversary who is inexperienced and/or unprepared, however, a good experienced attorney can hold these problems to minimum.

Assisting With A Variety Of Related Legal Issues

In a divorce situation, some parties may think they can work out the details without divorce lawyers. There are, however, numerous issues that clients face, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support enforcement
  • Property division
  • Alimony/maintenance
  • Health insurance responsibility
  • College responsibility
  • Refinancing of mortgages and other loans
  • Sale of property
  • Retirement plans
  • Stock options
  • Business interests
  • Debt allocation
  • Tax consequences

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