We can choose the house that we buy, the neighborhood we live in and the way that we decorate our home. But unfortunately, we cannot control who we will be living next to and the disputes that they will engage in. Neighbors can have a large impact on our quality of life, with some becoming our closest friends, and others becoming nuisances with the ability to impinge on our daily lives.

If you are dealing with a difficult neighbor who has raised a dispute, it is important that you do not make the situation worse by acting in anger or bitterness. By keeping a level head, you will be able to calmly investigate your options to take action and to improve your situation.

Disputes about land use

If your neighbor has raised a dispute regarding the land boundaries between your property and theirs, you will need to look into whether there is any truth behind their claim. The survey done at the time of purchase should be an accurate representation of the boundary lines, and it is a good idea to have fences in place to assert these boundaries.

Blocked views by a neighbor

It is common to buy a home because of the beautiful view that it offers. If your neighbor erects a structure that impinges on this view, you can take action in certain circumstances. You should look into the view ordinances that are in place in your area.

Many different disputes can arise between neighbors. By keeping your focus on the law, it is more likely that you will find a successful solution without becoming involved in stressful arguments.