When a New Jersey family is in the market for a new home, the last thing they want is to spend more money and delay the process any longer. Unfortunately, this sometimes means cutting corners that can lead to regret. The purchase of residential real estate is not without its risks, and some steps in the process are designed specifically to protect homebuyers. The option of obtaining a home inspection is one of those steps it is not wise to skip.

While a seller may disclose certain defects in a home, that is no guarantee that the buyer will know every factor that may influence the purchase of the property. A professional inspector will know what to look for so the buyer does not end up stuck with a home that, at best, has costly repairs and, at worst, contains problems that can place the occupants at serious risk. With an inspection report in hand, a buyer can make a more informed decision about whether to purchase the property or walk away.

Some of the most critical items an inspector should look for include termites, lead, radon and mold. The presence of these in a home can result in serious illnesses and even death. An inspector will also test the septic and water systems as well as check for issues with the structure, electricity, HVAC and appliances, among other things.

Armed with a thorough inspection report, buyers may now be in a position to negotiate with the seller for repairs, a lower prices or other options. In some circumstances, the buyers may wish to terminate the contract and walk away. With a skilled New Jersey attorney by their side, those planning to purchase residential real estate will have an advocate throughout these negotiations and the entire transaction.