Few in New Jersey understand how complicated the probate process can be for their families, especially if there is no estate plan in place. However, even those who believe they have planned their estates may still leave their loved ones with confusion and frustration. This may be because their estate planning is incomplete.

Many believe that a will is sufficient to prevent disputes or avoid leaving a burden for their families. While this is true in many cases, a will that fails to include adequate details may be more confusing than not having a will at all. Often it is the small, sentimental items that are most meaningful to those left behind, and someone creating a will may neglect to address those items. Additionally, writing a will that does not comply with state laws may create headaches and delays for the heirs of the estate.

An estate plan that includes detailed instructions for a funeral can save family members from trying to guess what the deceased would have wanted and potentially fighting over the plans. However, estate planning includes more than just the documentation. Keeping one’s finances in order and organizing important account information can be extremely helpful for loved ones.

These are only a few of the important considerations many overlook during estate planning. Because of this, it is wise to rely on skilled legal advice and guidance when writing a will or other components of an estate plan. It is also important to meet with a New Jersey attorney regularly to review and update the documents in an existing estate plan.