Like many states, New Jersey’s penalties for drunk driving become more severe with subsequent convictions. A first offense may result in fines, license suspension and the potential for jail time, among other penalties. For repeat DUI offenses, a driver can expect higher fines, longer suspension and the possibility of extensive time behind bars. The lookback period for repeat offenses is 10 years.

However, one man did not have to look back that far. Police arrested him twice in the same weekend for DUI and numerous other related charges. The first arrest came Friday night when police reportedly witnessed the man driving through an intersection on a red light. They arrested him for DUI, reckless driving, running a red light and having an open container, among other violations.

After the man retrieved his vehicle from a mandatory 12-hour impound, police say they arrested him again in the early hours of Sunday morning when he collided with the back of a police vehicle that had stopped on the shoulder of the road. Reports say the man did not stop after the accident but continued driving until he struck a fence. The man now faces additional charges including a second DUI.

Anyone facing multiple DUI charges and other related offenses has reason for concern. The financial strain of a conviction is only one factor to consider, and one may also fear other ramifications, such as potential job loss if convicted. Those facing DUI or any charges in New Jersey are wise to have quality legal representation from the earliest possible moments following an arrest.