Some traffic violation allegations have a higher level of severity than others here in New Jersey. Among these is being accused of reckless driving. A conviction on this offense carries harsher penalties than many other traffic violations. Today, we’ll go over some of the things being convicted of reckless driving can lead to.

Jail Time

Jail time is something one might not normally associate with traffic offenses. However, under New Jersey law, jail sentences can be given for reckless driving. For a first offense, the maximum amount of jail time a person could receive is 60 days. For repeat offenses, the maximum is three months.


For a first offense of reckless driving, a fine of $50-$200 can be given. For repeat offenses, the fine range is $100-$500.


Reckless driving also carries more driver record points than most traffic offenses. A reckless driving conviction generally puts five points on a person’s record. In comparison, offenses like failing to obey traffic signals, going the wrong way on a one-way and failing to observe traffic lanes generally only carry two points.

How many points a person has on his or her license could impact his or her insurance rates. Also, getting too many points can subject a driver to things such as surcharges and temporary loss of license.

So, major consequences are a possibility when accused of reckless driving here in New Jersey. When it comes to reckless driving charges, there are many different options drivers could have for fighting the charges or trying to get them (or the potential penalties connected to them) reduced. Skilled traffic violation defense attorneys can advise individuals charged with reckless driving on what such options would be viable ones for them to pursue.