It is often the case that an arrest for drunk driving involves additional charges. This may include moving violations, charges involving an accident or offenses related to the driver’s disorderly behavior. Because alcohol can cause some people to act in ways they normally would not, it may be difficult to predict how they will react when confronted by police. However, it is not so difficult to predict how things may turn out if a DUI arrest leads to a conviction.

An early evening arrest by New Jersey police may be one example of this situation. Witnesses say a pickup truck was swerving between lanes and at one point ran another vehicle off the road. Soon afterward, the truck crossed the centerline and sideswiped a smaller vehicle, causing significant damage. Witnesses also told police the driver of the truck backed up, narrowly missing striking the car a second time, and drove off.

Police located the truck, which had apparently become disabled from damage, although investigators could not say if the damage was from the earlier accident or another one. Media reports say police arrested the driver for DUI. Apparently, the 50-year-old man had been arrested numerous times in the past for charges involving intoxication, disorderly conduct and arson.

Previous convictions for DUI may have a serious impact on the outcome of this case. New Jersey has some of the strictest drunk driving penalties for convictions, and if other charges are involved, a driver may have a lot at stake. It is wise for anyone facing such circumstances to seek quality legal representation.