Why Hire A DUI Lawyer?

If you were charged with drunk driving in New Jersey, you may be wondering, “Why should I hire a DUI lawyer? Is it really worth it?”

The answers are typically, “Yes” and “Yes.” You should retain an experienced DUI/DWI defense lawyer because it really can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

At D’Alessandro & D’Alessandro, LLC, we use our detailed insight into municipal court processes to help our clients who are facing DUI/DWI charges in Bernards Township, Bedminster, Bridgewater Township and the surrounding communities.

10 Steps We Can Take To Defend You

To lessen the charges or reduce the penalties, we can often:

  1. Consult with experts regarding the administration of the breath test
  2. Challenge Breathalyzer test results
  3. Consult with professional investigators and former police officers about the circumstances of the traffic stop and charges
  4. Challenge the operation of the vehicle while under the influence
  5. Challenge field sobriety test results
  6. Challenge probable cause for the officer’s traffic stop
  7. Negotiate with the prosecutor in municipal court
  8. Merge other traffic tickets with a DUI charge for an overall penalty reduction
  9. File motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence
  10. Pursue a complete dismissal of charges when possible

Why Choose Our Attorneys?

So hiring a DUI defense lawyer is important, but you may still be wondering why you should choose our particular attorneys to handle your case. In a word, the answer is, “Experience.

Each of our attorneys has practiced law exclusively in this area of New Jersey since graduating from law school, and each has legal experience ranging from almost 25 years to over 40 years. We know the courts, the prosecutors, the community and the laws.

Defense attorney Arthur G. D’Alessandro is also a retired New Jersey municipal court judge who sat on the bench for more than 25 years, hearing thousands of DWI and other municipal court matters. His detailed knowledge provides valuable insight in handling municipal court matters such as DUI/DWI charges.

To learn more, schedule a consultation. Call our Basking Ridge office at 908-766-5400 or email us today.