When New Jersey suspends a driver’s license, the only time they hope to find the same driver in a car is with someone else behind the wheel. The state requires drivers with suspended registration and driving privileges to not operate any vehicles until they pay their fees and get their licenses reinstated.

Not being able to drive anywhere for months can be a massive inconvenience. The driver may want to just take their car out for a spin or they have very few options for transportation. If the police catch them in the driver’s seat during that period, the suspension time and punishments will become significantly worse.

Offense convictions

According to New Jersey Statute 39:3-40, the general punishments for driving with a suspended license are as follows:

  • First offenders will receive a $500 fine
  • Second offenders will receive a $750 fine and imprisonment for up to 5 days
  • Third and subsequent offenders will receive a $1,000 fine and 10 days in prison

If the second and third offenses occur within 5 years of the previous conviction, then the revocation of registration certificate for the period driver’s license will be suspended. All offenses will add up to an additional 6 months to the suspension period.

Additional fines, months in prison and license suspension time will be added if any of the following crimes are committed with a suspended license:

  • Inflicting bodily injury on another person
  • Driving on school property
  • Knowingly letting someone else with a suspended license operate the vehicle
  • Driving while intoxicated or without insurance
  • Driving while the license was suspended for failure to appear in court

Restoring the license

New Jersey drivers can reinstate their licenses by completing all the necessary tasks from the previous suspension. When there is no more jail time to serve, fines to pay or months to wait, they can submit a proof of ticket payment to the Motor Vehicle Commission and pay the $100 restoration fee to get back on the road.

There are various ways that New Jersey drivers can get their licenses suspended and ways to try and get them back. If you want to know ways you can lessen suspended license penalties and to get back to your car legally faster, an attorney can help you explore your multiple legal options.