Estate And Probate Litigation

Despite the most thorough estate planning, will contests and other disputes involving inheritances are quite common. Estate litigation can also quickly become complex when multiple beneficiaries are involved, executors or trustees commit errors or fraud, and fiduciaries breach their duty.

At the Basking Ridge law firm of D’Alessandro & D’Alessandro, LLC, we have helped numerous individuals and families pursue their rights in estate, will, trust and probate litigation. As experienced civil litigation lawyers, we can provide aggressive, seasoned representation in negotiations and in court following will and probate disputes.

Handling All Steps In The Estate And Probate Litigation Process

We have handled a broad range of disputes involving inheritance and other estate planning and probate issues. We can answer your questions and provide legal assistance regarding:

  • Having an executor removed
  • Improper administration of an estate, including the committing of waste or failure to pay taxes

  • Undue influence in the creation or alteration of a will
  • Will fraud or forgery
  • The failure of an executor, fiduciary or attorney to distribute inheritance funds or keep beneficiaries informed
  • Failure of an executor or trustee to provide an accounting

In will cases involving failure to distribute and delays in distribution, you have the right to have an executor file an accounting of what he or she has done regarding an estate. In undue influence/lack of capacity claims, you have the right to contest the validity of the will or other estate document. And if a fiduciary commits theft or fraud, you have the right to file a civil claim or press criminal charges. In each event, we can provide legal help supported by decades of experience and success. Contact our firm for more information regarding your rights.

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