Commercial Collections

Businesses that face collection issues can have daunting legal and logistic challenges. After court proceedings are initiated, a judgment must be pursued and, once the judgment is obtained, collection must still be pursued using the limited powers granted by the judgment.

If your business has not been paid for services performed or products delivered, contact a commercial collections attorney in the Basking Ridge, Bernardsville and Bedminster area at the law firm of D’Alessandro & D’Alessandro, LLC. Our attorney team has resolved commercial collections issues for businesses in northern and central New Jersey for a combined 85 years and can provide knowledgeable, effective legal help.

Handling All Steps In The Collections Process

We work with small and medium-size businesses facing collections issues, including landlords, contractors, builders, retailers, service companies and manufacturers. Upon obtaining a judgment in your business’s collection suit, we can:

  • Represent you in supplemental proceedings
  • File eviction proceedings in landlord/tenant lease disputes
  • Pursue an arrest warrant for noncompliance
  • Cause property to be sold to pay debt
  • Force a sheriff’s sale
  • Place a lien against real estate or other assets

Sometimes Creditors Are Unfair, Too

In addition to helping creditors with commercial collections issues, we also provide defense-of-collection legal services when creditors make errors or have invalid or overreaching claims. Does a creditor claim your account is past due when you believe it is not? Did a creditor fail to fully perform, provide defective goods, fail to make a delivery date, or commit some other breach of contract? Contact our firm for this and any other collection or defense-of-collection questions for out litigation attorneys.

Rely On Our Knowledge

If you have commercial collection legal needs in northern or central New Jersey, contact our firm. We accept credit cards, offer flexible hours, and are conveniently located near the center of Basking Ridge with easy access to and from Route 78 and Route 287. To contact a lawyer, call 908-766-5400.