Operating Agreements

A key component to creating a new company is to have a properly drafted operating agreement. The importance of the operating agreement in preventing future disputes and ensuring the success of a business cannot be underestimated. Like corporate bylaws and partnership agreements, an operating agreement will outline how your company will function.

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Why You Need An Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is probably the most important document connected with forming a limited liability company (LLC) or another business formation. An operating agreement should specify how the company will operate and how it will be funded.

An operating agreement is especially important to clearly define each owner’s role in the company as well as each owner’s investment and share in profits or losses. Your company’s limited liability status may also be protected by including appropriate provisions in the agreement.

Protection For Your Business Now And In The Future

Don’t miss the opportunity to choose the rules which will govern your company. Our attorneys have considerable experience drafting and reviewing operating agreements that clearly define the rights and obligations of the owners, as well as other important issues such as:

  • Voting methods
  • How the company will make decisions
  • Who will make major decisions
  • Requirements for dissolution of the business
  • Methods for the distribution of profits and losses
  • What will happen when one owner wants to leave
  • Funding and capital requirements

While an operating agreement can prevent most misunderstandings, unfortunately, it cannot prevent all business disputes between partners and business owners. In the event of a dispute which cannot be resolved by referring to the terms of the operating agreement, our attorneys provide dedicated representation in all types of business litigation.

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